Many of you know Herb Schulte, and if you don’t you should!

Herb has been a long time PLWSA member and actively involved 3 event skiing, Show skiing and supporting the club in every way imaginable.  On July 23rd, Herb was inducted into the Minnesota Waterski Hall of Fame. (How many people do you know that are on the same list as Ralph Samuelson, the inventor of Water Skiing??)  (www.mnwaterski.com/hall-of-fame)

A summary of Herbs contributions to Water Skiing:

  • Volunteers to help with everything that goes on in the club, both PLWSA and MWSA.  Many of these contributions are behind the scenes and without recognition, but done without hesitation. If there are things to be done on Spring Lake, Prior Lake, Quarry Lake or other ski sites Herb has been around to help get it done.
  • Past President, Vice President and Treasurer for both PLWSA and MWSA
  • Safety Coordinator for countless local, state, regional, and national waterski events/tournaments. Man years Herb has volunteered and Regional and National tournaments even when he wasn’t able to ski at them.
  • Responsible for conducting Safety Clinics that are required for both Show and 3-Event tournaments, Herb has been giving up his time for this in MN, WI and SD for many, many years.
  • Started Show skiing on Spring Lake with other residents in 1957, prior the existence of PLWSA.
  • Skied his first tournament in 1963
  • Boat driver and skier for the Prior Lake Ski Shows for many years
    • He would often drive hours alone, after working at his dental office in the morning, up to a show in order to drive for the team
  • Official judge, scorer, and tournament director for the PLWSA sponsored 10,000 Lakes Tournament and many others
  • Responsible for trophies and awards for tournaments.
  • Prioritizes pulling youth skiers over himself skiing
  • State, Regional, National competitor in Slalom and Trick
  • Volunteered for more family ski nights than the rest of us combined


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